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Daniel Davies

IT Professional
Name Daniel Davies
Studied Computer Science
Qualification BSc hons
Employed Since 2007
Location North West, England, UK


I'm a backend web developer currently living in the North West of England. This website holds my contact details, online resume and links to a few of my projects.

I specialise in Django and Python but also have some experience with Scala and PHP.


Django100 Python95 Linux90 PHP80 Scala40 HTML40 CSS40 Perl30

Employment History

To see my most recent employment and full details of previous employment please request a copy of my CV.

[ Jan 2016 to Present ]

Sr. Developer in Oil & Petrol Industry

Leading Django team developing web interfaces and APIs for petrol pumps to authorise filling and record transactions.

[ Jan 2013 to Jan 2016 ]

Sr. Developer at Nomensa

Working with Django to deliver long-term, continuous delivery of features to customer's web apps.

[ Apr 2011 to Dec 2012 ]

Contractor at Aviva

Contractor working on a number of enterprise Django and Python services across the Aviva group.

[ Sep 2009 to Dec 2012 ]

Freelance Developer

Freelancer working for digital agencies and as a sub-contractor, primarily around Birmingham.

[ Sep 2008 to Sep 2009 ]

Lead Developer at 383 Project

Working with Wordpress and Django to build websites.

[ Sep 2007 to Sep 2008 ]

Developer at

Junior-level role building CMS, e-commerce and CRMs with Django and PHP.

Personal Projects

Django Image Dump

This was a quick project that gives me a simple way to upload and share image files.

There are many free sites that let you upload and share images but I have reservations about copyright and feel the only way to really ensure I retain control of my stuff is to host it myself.

This is a Django app that lets me drag files off my desktop in to the browser for upload to theweb.Every image gets a short sharing URL that is unpredictable and unique due to using DES togenerate it.

Django Shorty

Django Shorty provides a templatetag that can be used in any Django template to provide ashortened URL to the page.

It uses base 62 encoding to keep the URL short and can be installed in to any Django project.

Django Holding Page

I quite often buy domains and put this holding page app on them until they're ready. It's a simple form to capture names and emails but it saves me quite a bit of work each time.

It's also available on PyPI:

Shopping Cart

A very basic shopping cart class that I created when I was first learning Python. I like to keep it up to date and this was one of the first projects I upgraded to Python 3.

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