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Daniel Davies

Backend Developer
Name Daniel Davies
Studied Computer Science
Qualification BSc hons
Working 8 years
Location Bristol, UK


I'm a backend web developer currently living in Bristol, UK. This website holds my contact details, online resume and links to a few of my projects.

I specialise in Django and Python but also have some experience with Scala and PHP.


Django100 Python90 Linux75 PHP70 Scala40 HTML40 CSS40 Perl30


[ Jan 2013 To Present ]

Sr. Developer at Nomensa

Working with Django to deliver long-term, continuous delivery of features to customer's web apps.

[ Apr 2011 To Dec 2012 ]

Contractor at Aviva

Contractor working on a number of enterprise Django and Python services across the Aviva group.

[ Sep 2009 To Dec 2012 ]

Freelance Developer

Freelancer working for digital agencies and as a sub-contractor, primarily around Birmingham.

[ Nov 2008 To Aug 2009 ]

Lead Developer at 383 Project

Working with Wordpress and Django to build websites.

[ Oct 2007 To Oct 2008 ]

Developer at

Junior-level role building CMS, ecommerce and CRMs with Django and PHP.


I actively support these projects and they are currently working on Python 3.5 and Django 1.8. They are all available to view on Github.

Django Image Dump

This was a quick project that gives me a simple way to upload and share image files.

There are many free sites that let you upload and share images but I have reservations about copyright and feel the only way to really ensure I retain control of my stuff is to host it myself.

This is a Django app that lets me drag files off my desktop in to the browser for upload to the web. Every image gets a short sharing URL that is unpredictable and unique due to using DES to generate it.

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Django Shorty

Django Shorty provides a templatetag that can be used in any Django template to provide a shortened URL to the page.

It uses base 62 encoding to keep the URL short and can be installed in to any Django project.

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Django Holding Page

I quite often buy domains and put this holding page app on them until they're ready. It's a simple form to capture names and emails but it saves me quite a bit of work each time.

It's also available on PyPI:

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Shopping Cart

A very basic shopping cart class that I created when I was first learning Python. I like to keep it up to date and this was one of the first projects I upgraded to Python 3.

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